Anne Arundel Genealogical Society
Anne Arundel County Historical Boundaries
ANNE ARUNDEL created from ST. MARYS. The county was centered on the settlement of Providence, but territorial limits were not otherwise specified. (Archives of Md., 1:292)
ANNE ARUNDEL lost to creation of CALVERT; boundaries are estimated. (Archives of Md., 3:308)
ANNE ARUNDEL renamed PROVIDENCE; PROVIDENCE gained from PATUXENT (now CALVERT). (Archives of Md., 1:341, 345, 347)
[24 March 1657/1658] PROVIDENCE renamed ANNE ARUNDEL. (Archives of Md., 1:369)
[by 12 January 1659/1660] ANNE ARUNDEL lost to creation of BALTIMORE. (Archives of Md., 1:381)
06 Jun 1674
ANNE ARUNDEL gained from CALVERT and non-county area. Boundary between ANNE ARUNDEL and BALTIMORE was redefined [no change]. (Archives of Md., 15:39)

03 Apr 1698
ANNE ARUNDEL exchanged with BALTIMORE. (Archives of Md., 22:147)

31 May 1727
ANNE ARUNDEL gained from BALTIMORE. (Archives of Md., 36:595)

24 Feb 1824
ANNE ARUNDEL lost to CALVERT. (Md. Laws 1823, ch. 183, sec. 1/pp. 125-126)

18 Feb 1825
Boundary between ANNE ARUNDEL and CALVERT was clarified [no change]. (Md. Laws 1824, ch. 193/p. 147)

04 Jul 1851
ANNE ARUNDEL lost to creation of HOWARD. (Md. Laws 1838, ch. 22, secs. 1, 4; Swindler, 4:413)

29 Mar 1918
ANNE ARUNDEL lost to Baltimore City (Ind. City). (Md. Laws 1918, ch. 82, sec. 1/p. 135)
The information and maps above were taken from the Maryland Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, John H. Long, Editor; Peggy Tuck Sinko, Associate Editor and Historical Compiler; Douglas Knox, Book Digitizing Director; Emily Kelley, Research Associate; Laura Rico-Beck, GIS Specialist and Digital Compiler; Peter Siczewicz, ArcIMS Interactive Map Designer; Robert Will, Cartographic Assistant.  Copyright The Newberry Library 2008.  They are being used under the stipulations and constraints described in the Creative Commons License.