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Anne Arundel County Cemeteries
Welcome to our cemetery pages. Due in large part to the efforts of Tina Simmons, our Cemetery Committee Chair, AAGS has collected information on more than 500 cemeteries and burial sites throughout Anne Arundel County. We first focused on the large cemeteries in the county, and have now started to work on the small, family cemeteries.  Stop back often to check our progress.

Cemetery summaries may include any or all of the following information:

  • Current and past names of cemetery
  • General location or specific address
  • Phone number for commercial and church cemeteries
  • Links to Find A Grave and cemetery website
  • Previously published information
  • Approximate number of burials
  • Veterans buried in the cemetery
  • Earliest and latest death dates
  • African American, Hebrew, or Greek cemetery
  • Map and/or photos
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Do you know of any small burial sites in the woods, fields, or even in a neighbor's backyard? We have compiled information on an impressive number of burial sites in Anne Arundel County, but we're always looking for more. We will provide assurances of privacy and no trespassing if needed. If you have information to contribute, contact Tina.
As you look through our Cemetery Records, keep the following in mind:
  • Locations on private property require prior permission to visit.
  • Cemeteries are named in the following order: published cemetery name(s), most common surnames at site, nearby street names, and “unknown”.
  • Cemeteries with multiple names are listed by their most well-known name.
‚ÄčAre you having trouble finding a cemetery?  Many cemeteries in Anne Arundel County are known by more than one name.  Here's our list of Anne Arundel County cemeteries with multiple names to help you track down that elusive cemetery.
We have also published several books and downloads about Anne Arundel County cemeteries and burials, including Cedar Hill and Mount Calvary Cemeteries, and African American and Slave Cemeteries. We also offer both book and downloads of Anne Arundel Cemetery Sites. All of our publications are available in our Store.
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