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Franklin United Meth. Church Cemetery/Tanyard Cemetery
(Anne Arundel)
5345 Deale-Churchton Road
Deale, Maryland 20751 USA
(410) 867-3521
Aka Deale Beach Road Cemetery
5874-5932 Deale Beach Road
Franklin United Methodist Church Cemetery on Find A Grave
Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties:   AA-315
D.A.R.-p. 120 (incomplete)
Tombstones range from 1891-2013
Contains over 258 known graves, many unmarked and many hand-carved stones
Contains several veterans including War of 1812, Civil War,WWI veterans
This is one of the oldest black Methodist meetings in southern Anne Arundel County.
James Thompson bought the land from Benjamin Smith in 1873 and the deed was improperly registered. Benjamin Smith’s son, John, assigned the land to the trustees of the African Methodist Meeting in 1876. Thompson was a freedman before the end of the Civil War.
African-American cemetery
Only 58 markers were found in 2014. There are many more graves without inscriptions and many more depressions than markers. Many grave markers are handmade. 
Southern Anne Arundel County Tombstone Inscriptions by the Marlborough Towne Chapter of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, 1971, p. 120
Franklin Cemetery