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Downs Cemetery/Ft. Meade Cemetery #8
(Anne Arundel)
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755
Must have ID and go through security check to access military base
The area is under heavy construction near a conference center and the Defense Media Activity Building. The tombstones are located within a chain link fence which is enclosed within orange plastic construction fencing. (2013)
Tombstones range from 1875-1883
4 graves-2 tombstones with 2 names listed, 2 fieldstones
No known veterans
Fort Meade personnel indicated that the government is negotiating with the family to move these graves to Bethel Cemetery, on the base, where other family members are buried.  There is a possibility that slaves owned by the Downs family were buried outside the fenced cemetery and a larger area was then cordoned off using orange construction fencing.  Based on 19th century maps, a farm was owned by William T. Downs with the cemetery located nearby.
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