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Brewer-Bullen-Purdy/Nicholas Brewer Family Burial Ground
(Anne Arundel)
Riverview Drive at Oak Drive
Edgewater, MD 21037 USA
17 probable graves. Four named, others include fieldstones
No known veterans
Tombstones range from 1799-1921
Notes: The DAR records indicate the cemetery is located in Glebe Heights. A wooden sign saying “Burial Ground of the Nicholas Brewer Family, 1799-1954” is nailed to one of the trees.   It is unknown why this cemetery was called the Brewer-Purdy cemetery, as per the DAR chapter, as there are no Purdy family members known to be buried here.
Neighbors indicated there were never many tombstones there, perhaps only four or five. 
The History of Mayo has a photograph of the cemetery. 
Samuel Bullen’s death certificate indicates burial at Hope Baptist Churchyard in West River. 
A copy of an article entitled “Ann Arrundell County Historical Society News” mentions the cemetery and indicates it was a very large yard. There is no information as to where this article was first published.