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Asbury Broadneck United Meth. Church Cemetery (Annapolis)
(Anne Arundel)
657 Broadneck Road
Annapolis, Maryland 21409
(410) 757-2995
Asbury Broadneck United Methodist Church info
Asbury Broadneck United Methodist Church Cemetery on Find A Grave
African-American cemetery
Tombstones range from 1904 (or possibly 1893) -current
Approximately 691 known burials
17 known veterans-Civil War, WWI, WWII
WPA Survey at MD State Archives: MSA SC 4038
 “Where Past Meets Future” on April 28, 2002 Section D3 in either The Capital or the Maryland Gazette newspaper indicates that many graves are unmarked and date back further than 1906.  
About half the 6.5 acres the church owns was set aside for a graveyard.
The Capital newspaper article dated March 4, 2004 “Church Tries to Combat Cemetery Vandalism” tells about 32 smashed or overturned tombstones. Another article about the vandalism is found in The Baltimore Sun dated March 6, 2004.
According to an online Broadneck Patch article (undated) the church was purchased from Thomas Hamilton Arnold for $5 in 1859.
The church building was finished in 1888 and renovated in 2003.
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