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Carroll Cemetery/Priests Farm Cemetery
(Anne Arundel)
no longer there
Annapolis, MD 21401
The cemetery was formerly located on the site of the current Annapolis Harbor Center Shopping Center, east of Route 2 (Solomons Island Road) and north of Route 665 (Aris T. Allen Boulevard). 
This was formerly Beaver Hill Dam on South River Road, about 3 miles from Annapolis and was the Carroll farm. 
Famous person: Charles Carroll of Homewood (re-interred at the Redemptorist Cemetery in Annapolis)
Two members of the Curran family were removed to Woodfield Cemetery in Galesville, MD.
Tombstones range from 1808 to 1825 or 1895
No known veterans
Four individuals are known to be buried here and 14 others are thought to have possibly been buried here including Charles Carroll, the Settler
The Charles Carroll stone was found in May, 1961 located “deep in the woods near Beaver Dam Hill on property of Samuel Katcef (1961) and formerly belonging to Samuel McClure, high atop a hill, enshrouded in trees and thicket”.  As many as 15 members of the Carroll family may have been buried at The Farm as well as at least 7 other individuals. 
An article was written in the 1960’s for the Annapolis The Capital newspaper although the date is unknown. 
Formerly there had been about 15 “sandrock” headstones, some dating from the 1700’s, in the circular graveyard, which had a radius of about 500 feet.  It is not known what happened to the Brewer graves. 
Annapolis Families, Robert McIntyre, p. 172 and 172.
The Evening Capital, November 27, 1940 discusses an article “from the Evening Capital or The Gazette from April, 1903 stated that Carroll of Homewood was the last of the family to die in the old Carroll House in Annapolis and that he was buried in the Carroll cemetery near the city”. 
Copied by the Peggy Stewart Tea Party Chapter of the D.A.R., October 1940
Additional information provided by Robert Worden in 1992