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Brice House Tombstone (historic)
(Anne Arundel)
East Street and Prince George Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
 The Brice House is located at the corner of East Street and Prince George Street.  The Prince George Street wing has a tombstone for one of the porch steps.
No known date
Believed to have been a member of the Brice family.
No known veterans
The historian indicated there is no tombstone at this location (2013). This is one of the oldest large mansions in Annapolis.  It was built in 1740 by Thomas Jennings who gave the house to his daughter Juliana on her marriage to the Lieutenant Governor, Colonel James Brice.  A private family burial ground at the rear of the Brice property was found with practically all the remains of a male body when a large locust tree was being removed circa October 1912. In June 1912 a piece of marble tombstone was unearthed and preserved by the Carvel Hotel authorities. It is believed to be in the basement as a cornerstone of the building. A tombstone is used as one of the porch steps on the Prince George Street wing of the Brice House.
The Capital and Maryland Gazette newspaper, October 14, 1912, p. 1.