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Hesselius Family Cemetery at "Primrose Hill" (historic)
(Anne Arundel)
Hilltop Lane in Truxton Park
Annapolis, MD 21403
The cemetery is located off Hilltop Lane in Truxton Park, east of a softball field in a wooded area, on the highest hilltop, surrounded by large oak trees and surrounded by an iron fence and is visible from Hilltop Lane. Earliest/Latest Death Date:  unknown
Believed to be 1-5 burials
 “Primrose Hill” was owned by Mary Young Woodward Hesselius, a niece by marriage to Amos Garrett.  Her farm was purchased in the 1740’s.  Mary “is buried here with her infant children, her parents and her husband, John” according to an Annapolis Recreation and Parks Dept. brochure.  The brick burial vault is exposed and broken at the top and both ends.  No tombstones are visible.  Mr. Orlando Ridout has researched this graveyard and felt that Mr. Hesselius probably is not buried here.  The graveyard was later used by Louis Neth, who owned Paca House.  (Lewis Neth, Sr. died in 1825 and Lewis Neth, Jr. in 1832. Lewis Neth married Elizabeth Adams in 1786 and her estate was disputed in Chancery Court case #9856.) Anne Arundel County Archeologist, Al Luckenbach indicated that the crypt is of an eighteenth-century design. 
“Young-Woodward-Hesselius Family Record, 1737-1820” in Maryland History Magazine, September, 1926.  Directory of Maryland Burial Grounds, 1996, by the Genealogical Council of Maryland, p. 20