Not Receiving Our Emails?

On a regular basis, we email notices of upcoming meetings and events, renewal reminders, and newsletters. We hear from some of you that you aren't receiving some of our email. There are several possible causes — problems with our website email program, problems with your email program, minor conflicts between the many servers involved — so we’re not sure what needs to be “fixed”. However, here are several steps you can take to help ensure that you do receive our emails.

  1. First, check your Spam or Junk folder. Many times, the receiving computer does not recognize the message as coming from a legitimate (or desired) source and deposits the message in the Spam or Junk folder. When found, you can usually mark them as “Not Spam (or Junk)” or “Move to Inbox” and that will correct the problem for future messages.
    • Special note for Verizon FIOS subscribers. In the past year Verizon sold their email service to AOL. Since then, all email addressed to you using a address goes to AOL. You may need to check your AOL spam folder to find email that may have been erroneously identified as spam. 
  2. Add Anne Arundel Genealogical Society (AAGS) to your Address Book/Contacts List and include our most commonly used email addresses, Some systems will check incoming email against your address book/contacts list to determine whether or not they are desirable.
  3. Set up a rule in your email program to accept all email with a "From" address that contains "" and put it in the folder of your choice.
  4. If all else fails, check the AAGS website:  
    • Upcoming meetings are posted on the Home page and under the Meetings & Events heading in the left-hand column. Under the Meetings & Events heading, you can also choose the category of meeting you are searching for.
    • All newsletters are posted under the Members Only heading in the left-hand column  — this is visible once you have logged in. 
    • Your membership information is also posted under the Members Only heading.  Select Profile and you will see your membership plan, expiration date, and contact information.  If you’re not sure when your renewal is due, go by the expiration date.